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Performances by The Rick Cavender Band have been enjoyed by thousands of people for three decades.  Following are some of the more recent client reviews and written recommendations given by local celebrities and professionals. Take a look and see what people are saying about The Rick Cavender Band!​


"A group of us were at O’Brien’s last night and heard your music. It was the best I’ve heard in a very long time. You have a magical voice, you can sing so many variations of songs.  We absolutely loved hearing you.. The band is awesome and we will be back to hear you in March.   Awesome, awesome awesome!!  Loved, Loved Loved..

Thank you for wonderful music and a great time."

Scherry Wells

San Antonio, Texas

"Bundle enthusiasm, talent, compassion, personality, kindness, and professionalism all together and you have Rick Cavender. I have known, worked with, and watched Rick become a San Antonio icon for all the right reasons.  His way with people is extraordinary and his ability to lead sets the bar for those would follow in his innovative footsteps. Although many know Rick Cavender for his mega-success in the automobile industry and his talent as a singer/songwriter/performer, I would venture to guess that these qualities just scratch the surface of this modern day renaissance-man. Simply put, Rick Cavender can succeed at any project or company he puts his mind to. His track record proves it and his friends and colleagues will tell you the same and more. I am proud to recommend someone who is smart enough to win consistently and wise enough not to take himself or the journey too seriously. Bravo, Rick Cavender! Bravo! "

Sonny Melendrez -  Motivational Speaker

Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Hall of Fame Radio/TV Host, Author


"Rick Cavender's band is local (San Antonio), but so good you'll wonder why they're not international. He specializes in country and western, but does one the best impersonations of Elvis I've seen. What I appreciate most about him is that he is completely dependable and is so very sensitive to his audiences reactions that they'd keep him there all night if possible."

Beeper Smith, CMP

Convention Coordinators 

San Antonio, Texas 


"Your group is always welcome at the Don Strange Ranch. We think it's great to have 'Headline' entertainment right here in San Antonio."

Catering by Don Strange

San Antonio, TX


"I can't thank you enough for The Rick Cavender Band playing at my Birthday Bash.  I'm still hearing great things about the fun party...  made even more so with the presence of great music from a great band.  Please pass on to all the members of the band my thanks for being there and making it a great party!   You're the best!  The band was great.  You are terrific!  Looking forward to next year, too!"

Sheriff Susan Parmerleau
San Antonio, TX


"I wanted to personally thank you again for your kindness and generosity in inviting Maureen onto the stage at the Emily Morgan festivities recently to join you and the band for a spirited rendition of, "I'm a Believer."  It took several days afterward for her to come back to "normal."  Coincidentally, her debut with the band was also her 65th birthday.  It was a celebration she will never forget... "the most fun I've ever had," she said! So often, we go about our lives and work wondering whether we make much of a real difference by what we do.  Please know that your willingness to invite someone on stage to fulfill a dream made a huge difference in one person's life.  Maureen hasn't stopped smiling since!  She's a believer!"

Bob S.
San Antonio, TX


"You made the party!  You were wonderful!  Thank you for having such a fun party for me and my 95th!  I love you!"

Edith M.

San Antonio, TX


"You were absolutely perfect Monday night at Mother's birthday party.  Everyone had so much fun, and the noise level and tunes just couldn't have been better.  Thanks for your thoughtful selections, and for your friendship and TLC."

Taddy M.

San Antonio, TX


"The music energized the crowd -- Rick Cavender and his band are so talented.  The sound system was impressive too."

Lainey B.

CE Group

San Antonio, TX


"The Rick Cavender Band is superb! Talented, energetic, professional, lively...these are just some words that spring to mind. I have heard them perform on many occasions at various high profile events and they never cease to impress.  Rick is so amazingly talented.  His passion for music shines through in every song.  I highly recommend The Rick Cavender Band."

Kristina Aderhold

Experienced Communications Specialist and Marketing Professional

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